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Caribou Hunting on Adak

Adak is the Western edge of their range

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Caribou on Adak are big and abundant. They were introduced to Adak in the 1950's to provide hunting opportunities for servicemen and emergency food for residents of Adak Navak Air Station. A recent census estimates the herd to be about 2800 animals inspite of open season year-round hunting. The largest caribou taken on Adak was over 700 pounds.

Adak countryside offers spectacular views and the animals are abundant if you can find them. With the no limit, all year season on cows, Adak makes a good meat hunt. Wanton waste rules apply here as anywhere. You can also mix in some small game hunting for the abundant ptarmigan and Dolly Varden and salmon fishing in season.

A guide is not required, but guide permits are issued to Adak Island each year. Contact the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge at 1(907)235-6546 for more information on which guides have permits for guiding on the refuge portion of Adak.

In order to access portions of the refuge owned by the Aleut Corporation via easements, a land use permit must be obtained and a fee paid to the Corporation. A permit counter is available upon arrival at the Adak airport terminal--look for the signs and Aleut Corporation attendant. Hiking and boating offers the best access to areas with caribou--the south end of the island. Vehicles and boats may be available from the Aleut Real Estate Office 1(907)592-2325 or 100 Mechanical St, Adak, AK 99546.

Alaska residents need an Alaska State hunting license and a harvest ticket for each animal taken. Non-residents need an Alaska State hunting lcense, a big game tag and a harvest ticket for every animal taken. A guide is not required. Purchase tags and licenses, online, or by calling 1(800)478-2376, or at a licensed vendor. For harvest tickets contact Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) 1(800)478-2376. Harvest tickets must be obtained from a licenses vendor or from an ADF&G office. (There is no ADF&G office on Adak. Adak is in Game Management Unit 10.

Cow caribou hunting is open year round and there is no bag limit. Bull season is open August 10-December 31 with a limit of 2 bulls per year. Meat from each animal must be utilized in accordance with ADF&G wanton-waste regulations. When packing out meat from the kill site, the antlers must be removed with the last load of meat. Wanton waste is a punishable offense and is enforced.

Caribou tend to disappear from the Adak road system about the first of April and do not return in any numbers until Ocotber. Access to animals during this period can be very difficult unless you have a boat or are capable of rigorous hiking and packing animals out. Very little of the island is accessible by trucks or ATVs. Caribou can be very close to town or right in town when snow blankets the mountains. However, if planning a winter hunt, know that you will probably need to wait out some vicious, dangerous storms and you will have shorter days for hunting. High winds and driving rain or snow can happen at most any time of year. The Aleutians are the Birthplace of the Wind so be prepared with high quality rain gear and layers of wool or poly fleece.

    When is the best time of year to hunt?
  • If you want bulls, you must hunt between August and December 31
  • If you want antlers in velvet, hunt until the end of August
  • If you want velvet-free antlers, then hunt after September 1st
  • If you want edible meat, then do not take a bull caribou from late September to mid October during the rut. Most game meat processors will not even accept meat from rutting bull caribou

Roughing It On The Rock, is Adak Island Alaska's rustic getaway for trophy Caribou. Several guides operate on island and ATVs from 4 wheelers to 6 wheeled ARGOS may be rented from Jack Stewart.

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Roughing It On the Rock is a luxurious, hard-shelled tent! If everything were perfect--I would have to change the name!

Hunting Caribou information supplied by Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, Homer, AK