Roughing It On the Rock is a luxurious, hard-shelled tent! If everything were perfect--I would have to change the name! adak alaska hunting adak alaska trophy Caribou hunting adak alaska waterfowl hunting adak alaska duck hunting adak alaska geese hunting adak alaska Ptarmigan hunting adak alaska upland gamebird hunting adak alaska Fishing adak alaska salmon red salmon pink salmon silver salmon adak alaska halibut adak alaska dolly varden trout adak alaska birding birdwatching photos archaeology geology writers and artists hiking military history looking South across Kuluk Bay, Adak, Alaska

Roughing It On The Rock

Adak Island Rustic Lodging

Booking via AirBnB $125/night for 2-Bedroom 1-Bath duplex in Kuluk Housing

Hike to Adak's Sea Lion Rookery

Trekking into the storm-battered, golden beauty of Adak Island

Roughing It On The Rock, is Adak Island Alaska's rustic getaway for trophy Caribou, ptarmigan upland gamebirds or waterfowl, including ducks and geese. Adak offers premier fishing for salmon--red, pink and silver, halibut or Dolly Varden trout. Several outfitters operate on island and offroad vehicles are available for rent from Jack Stewart.

Adak's position in the Aleutian flyways from Asia to America may offer first reported sightings of rare species of birds blown off course, as well as commonly seen bald eagles, ravens, gray-crowned rosy finchs, snow buntings, pacific wrens and shore birds like sandpipers. Seabird colonies abound along the cliffs within the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.

History and military nostalgia buffs can explore to their hearts' content. Several archaeological sites can be reached with day hikes and the spectacular geology of Adak is on display all around you.

Did you meet your mate while stationed on Adak? Roughing It on the Rock is the perfect spot for a second honeymoon or getaway after renewing your vows. Special occasion cakes, gluten-free baking and meals can be available by prior arrangement and extra fee. Please ask to see menus and catering selections. Let me cosset you and insure your stay is carefree and memorable.

Ladies, long to go _hunting_ with your man but your idea of outdoor adventure is a quiet walk on the beach or viewing the sunrise or sunset from the patio? Roughing It On the Rock offers you a warm place to construct those quilt patches you've been meaning to get around to--sewing machine, rotary cutter and mat and endless cups of herbal teas await you. Have that home fire burning when your man gets back from a long day of fishing or hunting and serve up that kettle of soup that's been simmering away on the back of the stove as he hangs his wet togs next to the fire.

Writers and artists--are you looking for a quiet getaway? Roughing It On the Rock near Kuluk Bay, is Adak, Alaska's newest lodge--few neighbors ensure a peaceful visit--you can create your masterpiece uninterrupted. A desk is available with a non-networked computer complete with open office suite for composing. Internet is available for a fee at island hotspots in the airport and the Blue Bird Café.

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Roughing It On the Rock is a luxurious, hard-shelled tent! If everything were perfect--I would have to change the name!